Mostly Bad, Some Entertainment Value

Season of Wonder - Lisa Tawn Bergren

I'm torn.  For the first three quarters of my book my instincts were correct and this was a godawful stupid book.  Andrianna is a girl who was born with some birth mark that makes her one of the chosen Ailith; Ronan is her protector knight - who also has this mark.  The novel starts on the day of their Calling and suddenly they are on the run towards their other chosen one counterparts.  Knights and Remnants (what they call the Ailith) are not allowed to have relationships.  So what do you think so much of this book feels like?  Impossible and yet reciprocal love between, guess who (?), Ronan and Andrianna.  It's rather annoying.  "I'm so jealous that you have male friends!  But I cannot love you!  But I obviously do!"  Shoot me now.


And then suddenly when that stops being the focus of the whole damn novel the action starts to actually be interesting.  The universe is obviously some parallel future/dystopia after our culture disappears.  Getting around is either by horse or by what's left of our technology.  Nothing's really progressed.


I still don't really understand the whole chosen one crap - since it seems that anyone can have "high gifts," they're just not allowed to use them.  But the quest to topple a dictator across the sea and rescue the rightful heir, the dictator's brother, which sounds cliche and horrible is actually pretty fascinating - especially since when you meet the dictator he's actually complicated and torn and seems to fight within himself about what's truly right.