Maybe Tomorrow ...

Another Day - David Levithan

It's been quite a long while since I read Everyday, so I needed a quick refresher - hell, I didn't even remember that Rhiannon was A's main love interest when I read the synopsis on the back of the novel.


Anyway, Everyday was better, by far.  This book seemed a little forced.  It's just the other side of A's story.  Where in Everyday, A jumped from body to body, in Another Day, it's Rhiannon dealing with the ideal of falling in love with a person who does not have a fixed body.  In theory it sounds great: could you fall in love with and have a relationship with someone who wakes up in a new body, in a new location, every single day?  But for some reason, the actual execution of the book was just not exciting.  I feel like I spent the entire book thinking that things were going to happen one way, and they happened the other - not in a "wow, what a twist," sort of way, but in a "why the ... how the ... where did that come from?" sort of way.


I'm actually thinking that the third book in the series, which this book obviously set up, is going to far exceed this book.  Maybe this book fell into middle child syndrome, which I feel that books like The Two Towers fell victim to.  Maybe this really was a book that was only used for set up.  I enjoyed the first one so much, that this one fell rather flat.


Here's hoping book 3 is better - because I know there's no way there won't be a third book.  Seriously, could that have been more obvious?