The Walls Around Us - Nova Ren Suma

So I read that last couple of chapters four or five times, because what the fucking what!?



Two stories:
A ballerina who is on a meteoric rise towards whatever it is that she dreams.  A princess whose best friend was sent to prison and died three years ago.


An innocent (?) girl in prison for the murder of her stepfather.  A bookworm delinquent whose family doesn't even visit her for all the years she's been incarcerated.


How are these two girls connected?  How is justice truly delivered and what does justice actually mean?  And who is responsible for a tragedy that took the life of 41 teenagers?


Holy fucking shit, you guys.  Read this book.  I absolutely adored it.  Putting it down was not an option.  I was walking around the airport, ignoring my inlaws with my nose still firmly planted in this mess of human emotion, error, and twisted beautiful gory justice.


There was just so much done right in this book.  I can't even give a coherent review without giving you massive spoilers.  So I'll leave this.  Read it.  Just do it.