Ten Tiny Breaths  - K.A. Tucker Why did I request this book? Oh, right. I fell victim to the "Oooooh. Pretty Cover!" disease. And then I actually read the summary, and felt a sinking in my stomach. I hadn't read the reviews close enough before requesting it to realize that it was a book considered New Adult. New Adult has been a genre I've been avoiding like the goddamned plague. I think it's a bullshit genre made up as a publishing, marketing, gimmick. "Hi, I'm a sad Twilight reader, I'm growing up. I think I'm too old for Young Adult, but I can't handle Adult literature. What do I read? Oh wait! This new genre is just for me! New Adult! It is easy to read like Young Adult, but it says the characters are between 18 and 25! Just like me! I'm a big kid now!" Bullshit. Fucking bullshit. New Adult doesn't exist. It's the writing style, not the age of the characters that makes a novel Young Adult or Adult. I've read YA with 25 year old characters before, and I've read Adult literature where the main character is 6. It's the style, not the age of the character. The style that seems to make up New Adult is badly written Young Adult Romance. We already have a genre for that. It's called Young Adult Romance.

Anyway, I decided to put my preconceptions aside, and try to read this with a blank slate. I was hoping it would surprise me. I was wrong.

Kacey Cleary is 20 years old. Four years ago, on the way home from a high school sports game, the car her father was driving was hit by a drunk driver. Everyone in the car - her mother, her father, her best friend, her boyfriend - all died, except for Kacey. Her little sister, Livie, was saved by a cold that had kept her home that afternoon. Custody was taken by Kacey and Livie's Aunt and Uncle, until the day that their uncle climbs into bed with Livie. Kacey and Livie run away to Miami, and that is where this novel starts.

The thing is that I actually think I liked Kacey as a character. She was believably fucked up after the way she watched almost everyone she loved die around her. She was constantly angry, but competent, could take care of herself. Yes, she needed to get help, but the character was well built and interesting.

My biggest complaint about Kacey, is that authors have got to learn that "watery" is not an attractive sounding adjective for eyes.

Aren't my watery blue eyes beaaaaautiful!?
Cute, right?

And then we met Trent. And that's where everything in this novel went bad. Kacey takes one look at this man and decides that all her intellect is going to disappear. She even says at one point that her instincts tell her that he is dangerous. And yet, she still wants him? Dafuq? He's a goddamned stalker. He follows her to work, to the gym, and just watches her. And yet, they still date?


And then there's this twist, that I of course, had figured out way before the author revealed it. I'm honestly still not sure what I think of this twist. Of course it makes me hate that stupid romance x1000000 more than I already did. Story-wise it was interesting, but romance-wise it made me want to pull out my fucking hair at the root.

I received this ebook for free from the publisher, via Netgalley.
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