Wonder Woman: Love and Murder - Rodney Ramos, Terry Dodson, Drew Johnson, Ray Snyder, Rachel Dodson, Paco Diaz, Jodi Picoult First of all, this is technically a second story arch in a series. There is however a "Previously on Wonder Woman" page, where you can read what happened in the first novel. Basically, Wonder Woman did something that society and the other heroes don't particularly agree with, and she has to go into hiding. She is working as Diana Prince and is given the assignment to bring Wonder Woman in for her crimes.

It's interesting to see how Wonder Woman handles a "normal" human life. There is very little that she understands intuitively. Amazons are obviously an entirely different sort of culture and that was the last time she was "normal." At one point her mother is brought back, and the kinds of issues she has with her mother are very human. She's struggling to differentiate herself as well as to learn who she is in this human world.

Unfortunately, the crap that happens after she's in her Wonder Woman gear is simply ridiculous, and poorly done. It felt like Jodi Picoult gave DC her ideas to make Wonder Woman more relatable, and they said "Gee, Picoult wants to make Wonder Woman more relatable to real women. I guess we could do that. Especially since then we can go right back to her being a sex object and never think of her as anything more ever again." It was bastardized Picoult.

It was interesting, (especially because I am a Picoult fan) but not awesome.

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