Deadpool MAX, Vol. 1: Nutjob - David Lapham, Kyle Baker I've read a handful of Deadpool comics, and this just didn't stock up against the other ones. It simply wasn't as funny as it should have been. In the comic book store where I bought this, I was flipping through the issues of the new story arc and they had me rolling. Come on, his nemesis this time around is bringing presidents back from the dead to fight him. There is nothing funnier than Deadpool punching Abe Lincoln in the face. Sorry man, you know I have the greatest respect for you.

This Deadpool, because the main perspective was Bob, his handler, lost a lot of the Deadpool charm. Yes it was vulgar and silly, but seeing Deadpool through the eyes of someone who can't understand him is a little annoying. Deadpool is wonderful in his self-deprecating randomness that goes on in his brain, and that was simply missing from this book because of the perspective. Not a Deadpool win, in my opinion.