I Hope You Find Me (Find Me, #1) - Trish Marie Dawson 3 and a half Stars

Riley survives, she doesn't know how or why, but she survives the Red Death. The rest of the world has been wiped out by plague, her two children, her ex-husband. She and Zoey, her faithful dog, set out for the city when they run out of water, though Riley doesn't actually know what she plans to do. What she does know is that before the phones went out, she called everyone she knew and told them that if they made it to her house that she'd leave them a trail. She leaves notes everywhere she stops, telling the people who she hopes will find her where she plans to go next.

In the city, she meets Conner, who had been in town on business when the plague closed the airport and wiped out everything he loved, across the pond. He brings her back to the hotel that he's been living in, that has a generator and therefore the food hasn't gone bad and there's running water. She finds herself drawn to him and stays with him, until someone does follow Riley's notes to them at the hotel. The new couple of people leave the hotel in the night, and not on good terms with Conner and Riley.

Riley and Conner decide to move on after having an experience in the city with the dead that they cannot explain. They go into the mountains to a "green" resort, figuring that it would be more likely to be sustainable and still have power. (Considering the world has been dead a couple months, a lot of these places seem to still have hot water) There they meet up with various people, and what follows makes the bulk of the story.

The book was pretty enjoyable, on readability and flow it gets five stars. On the creepy dead ghosts, it gets five stars. On the journey it gets five stars. Where it loses stars is that Riley must have a goddamned golden vagina. At one point in the novel, the romance becomes a love pentagram, for Godssake. Every male who meets Riley, wants her. Fucking ridiculous, and the romance ended up taking up a bulk of the story, the dead things were creepy as fuck and I wanted to hear more about them, have more experiences with them, anything to do with them, really.

Conner and Riley were sort of an oddball matchup. I enjoyed it, even though she kissed everyone else, but what I realized is that they're something like if Frannie and Larry Underwood were the main characters in The Stand, instead of Frannie and Stu.


The Stand, this book was not... Entertaining, however, this book definitely was.