Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter - Seth Grahame-Smith Abraham Lincoln was so damned cool in reality, that the story of his true life that went on behind the added Vampires actually overshadowed the Vamps! Honestly what this book did was whet my appetite for a good ol' fashioned Abe Lincoln biography. I want to know how much of what was said of Abe was truth. I honestly think it was most of it. I know that Lincoln kept obsessive journals, I don't know why I never thought of the fact that that would make him an exceptional president to write post-mortem bios about.

The vampires were a fun add-on to the Civil War, but as I said Lincoln's life was simply so interesting that they were unnecessary! I found myself looking forward more to the parts of his life that didn't involve the vampires. His relationship with his father. The pre-Mary love story triangle. The kids. The emotion he showed. Those were the things I loved about this novel. The vampires were almost boring compared to the man that Lincoln was.

Shortish review today. I finished this book on New Years Eve, and then proceeded to get shit faced, so any really sophisticated thoughts I had have disappeared.