Pretties - Scott Westerfeld After making the decision at the end of the first book, to turn herself in, to become Pretty to see if there is cure, Tally spends her days trying to stay bubbly with her boyfriend, Zane. Bubbly seems to mean sharp and aware, the feeling you get when you jump into a freezing river or pull off a dangerous prank. By feeling bubbly, she can remember who she really is and escape to the New Smoke with Zane and some of her clique known as the Crims.

Shay has also been made pretty, and while she was one of my favorite characters in the first book, she has been made cruel, and bitter. She feels betrayed at every turn by Tally and it has changed her. She cuts herself in order to stay bubbly and she has gathered a new clique around her.

I actually found this book to be slightly better than the first. I'm not sure why, but this felt like the better book, it flowed together better, and the revelation of the humans in a zoo was something that I found appropriate and intriguing.