Uglies - Scott Westerfeld Rating: 3.5 Stars

Tally is three months from turning 16, and she cannot wait. Like every girl her age, she's been gawky, awkward, and an Ugly for entire life and living in Uglyville; she will continue to be this until she turns 16. At 16, she will undergo a surgical change that will turn her into one of the Pretties that live across the river in New Pretty Town and party every day. Every Ugly looks forward to this change from a very young age, even children create "pretty" versions of themselves in something that sounds like a realistic Mii program. Tally is the typical Ugly, until she meets Shay who doesn't want to become a Pretty. Shay wants to move to the Smokes, a community of Uglies who run away to escape the surgery. Shay runs, and when Tally turns 16, she is told that if she does not find Shay and betray the Smokes, that she will never be made Pretty.

The book wasn't necessarily anything special, but it had a good message, and it was amusing and an easy read. Tally seems a little too easily mold-able, but then again, with the society she grew up in it's not entirely unsurprising. The dystopian future was interesting, but I wish that there were more explanation of the Middle Pretties and beyond (the older generations), for example why would Pretties ever choose to have children or move to the Suburbs? I just think this was a pretty large blank-spot. I can only hope that the next book touches on it.