Every Day - David Levithan For the Love of Gods, STALKING IS NOT CUTE! I don't care if you're a vampire, an alien, some sort of soul jumper, or a human. STALKING IS NOT SEXY OR CHARMING.

It took me just about 4 hours total to read this book with occasional bathroom/feeding/shower breaks. It's an easy read and it flows well, even throughout the jumping from body to body and family to family.

A, the main character, wakes up every day in a new body. This 16 year old does not have a body to call home. Every day A wakes up in a different 16 year old's body. A lives this person's life for the day, a la body snatching. However, until A meets Rhiannon, A has rules to never interfere with the lives of the people whose bodies are being used. When A meets Rhiannon, A falls madly and hopelessly in love with her.

The love story itself was not the most interesting part of this book. A and Rhiannon are like Dawson and Joey - hyper aware of themselves and no 16 year old is that aware. The most interesting part of the novel was A body jumping and the different lives that are led on a daily basis so that the host doesn't sense a disturbance.

This book opens up some interesting questions.

How much of our identity is wrapped up in our body? Would we be able to identify ourselves without a physical body?

Would we be able to keep our identity without the routine daily stimuli?

Does our personality actually have a gender?

Would we be able to love or be loved if our physical form and location were perpetually fluid?

How much of what we believe is cemented in how we were raised?

Would we notice if someone lived inside our bodies for a single day?

Because it got me thinking, I found the book to be very good, but if you're looking for something really hard science fiction/fantasy or something that is incredibly stimulating, look elsewhere. It is a romance first and foremost, unfortunately.