1984 - George Orwell, Erich Fromm The book was chilling, really. And because of today's political climate, and the sort of crap that went on during the American election cycle before it finally ended last week was frighteningly accurate to the book I just finished. However, I've heard so many conservative people say that Obama is going to cause 1984 to be real. I'm sorry, of our Democratic and Republican parties, who do you think is more full of hate? Who do you think would ban sex and orgasm? Who do you think would find no use for the past? Who do you think would find art invalid? Oh, wait. The Republican Party. Now, I want to clarify, not all conservative people are bat-crap crazy, but the Republican Party has moved so far to the Right recently, that they should really be considered a fringe party. The fact that they have such a strong voice and seek power for the sake of power is terrifying. If anyone is going to bring on 1984, it's the party who has moved so far Right in it's ideology that it cannot see anyone else. I happen to believe myself to be moderate, but that's damn near impossible in a world where we've been convinced by our own version of Big Brother that politics are completely black and white. Holy Political Ramblings, Batman. I apologize. For obvious reasons, this book put me in the mood to rant about politics.

Now I feel like this:

This book really lost a star only because of Julia. I know she was a means to an end in the point of the story, but dear Gods she annoyed the crap out of me. Maybe it wasn't so much her as the "Oh, I fucked you, therefore I Love you," attitude. Love with a capital "L." As a character, all she was was a sex object. She put on forbidden makeup and ate forbidden food, and was only interested in the forbidden sensuality. Granted, Winston should have been more interested in those things, but I really, really wish that Julia had more personality in her than sensuality. She was flat, completely. At one point she even said the words about the revolution that she'll do whatever Winston does, without a thought of her own. Again, I understand that she was a product of her dystopian culture and the fact that she was sensual was HUGE, but I wish she had a thought of her own in her entire head. Her big empty head was only full of sex and pleasure - beyond that, she had nothing of her own. I respected that she owned her sexuality, but in owning one's sexuality, maybe there should be a reason beyond "Hey, it feels good." It made her a boring, annoying character.