Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children - Ransom Riggs I actually ended up really enjoying this book. I'd read a number of reviews by reviewers that I usually agree with that this book's first half was very good and the second half was mediocre. I disagree. I don't think this book was mind blowing or brilliant, but I most certainly enjoyed it.

It's most certainly not the horror/creepshow that I expected from the descriptions of the book. It was a little misleading to market it as such, I found it more sci-fi. I do happen to love scifi though.

I loved the photographs, I loved even more that for the most part they are real photographs that the author had collected.

My biggest gripe with this book was that the time travelling didn't quite make sense. Time travel is a hard thing to write because there are so many different theories and sometimes they are hard to understand. However, I've read enough and watched enough time travel to usually be able to grasp how it works, and this just ... didn't. The kids are in a loop, and in whenever 1930 ... something ... the main character's grandfather walked out into WWII (after years in the orphanage), however, at the same time time is continuing outside the loop ...? Wait .. What? Either time continues or it doesn't. It just didn't mesh.

This was a fun read, it moved and it was interesting. The characters were interesting, if not entirely three dimensional. The abilities of the children and the evil creatures were pretty unique considering after X-Men and all it's spin offs and knock offs it's pretty tired concept.

After re-reading my review - I shouldn't have liked this book, but I did.