11/22/63 - Stephen King Gee, what do you think this book is about? It might be the Kennedy Assassination. But with a title like 11/22/63, who could really tell. Hah. Jake Epping finds a way, via a friend, into 1958. So, they decide, after much bickering, that Jake will return to the past and find a way to stop the assassination of JFK. Time Travel! Hoorah!

After the last pages made me cry, the first thought I had was:
This was first and foremost a love story.
I'm not saying that the time traveling saving Kennedy story line wasn't epic and important. It was. I'm not saying it was an afterthought. It wasn't. The time traveling was a theme and a setting, certainly not a passive theme or setting, either. However, I was still left feeling as though for the first King novel that I can remember feeling that the romance was the point. Maybe I'll re-read it in a few years and decide that I'm crazy and that the time traveling is most fucking certainly the point. But that's half the fun of re-reading.

At it's heart I felt as though this were a story of two people who met in utterly impossibly and irresponsible circumstances and though their world falls apart, over and over again, find each other. Maybe that's just the sappy chick in me, though.

Stephen King: You are the reason I will never live in Maine. I don't think I could handle living there without fear of clowns in the sewers or falling through holes in time.