The Black Unicorn - Terry Brooks The King of Landover has had his identity stolen by an evil wizard! Everyone believes the wizard to be Ben Holiday, the King, and Ben Holiday appears to them as a stranger. He is cast out of his castle by his friends. Thus begins a journey searching for the woman, Willow, who in turn is on a journey looking for the Black Unicorn. This is a tale of magic, demons, dragons, unicorns, self-discovery and understanding, and love.

This was a fun read. When my ex's dad bought me the first book in the series years ago, when I finished it, I had turned to my ex and said, "Wow, that was campy fantasy." I hold by that assessment. It felt like fun, campy, classic fantasy.

My favorite character by far, was a Prism Cat from the fairy realm, named Edgewood Dirk. Ben Holiday is not the brightest crayon in the box, by a long shot and Dirk spends all of his time cat-slapping sense into him. Of course, this sense takes almost 220 pages to sink in. I had the "twist" figured out pretty quickly; Ben, however, had to have it kicked into him by a talking cat. The themes were strong; though, from time to time, I felt like I was being bludgeoned by said themes with a brick, because Ben was just so oblivious.

Ben spends the entire book looking for this sylph, Willow. He obsesses over her at every fucking turn and yet, it takes him until the very very end to admit to himself that he is in love. What a fucking moron. Gods, it was a fun read but Ben really needed to have some sense knocked into him, hard.