"Being someone else isn't liberating. It's EXHAUSTING."

Ms. Marvel Volume 1: No Normal - G. Willow Wilson, Adrian Alphona



I am a DC girl, through and through, I just am, I find I don't care for most of Marvel's superheroes and they're just too goofy.  I like my comics to read a little more seriously.  Of course goofy isn't always a bad thing - like in this reboot of Ms. Marvel.


The point of that little tirade up there being: I am a DC girl, but a few days after this trade came out, I started hearing that the new Ms. Marvel was a Muslim American woman.  So, I more or less sprinted to Comic Relief (my local comic shop), and was told they had sold their last copy less than an hour before I arrived.  Gorramit, I had still been at work an hour previous.



I finally got the call that my ordered copy had arrived.  I got home and sucked it down in a half hour.  The characters are vivid, real, hilarious, and lovable.  The family is true to any American family with strong cultural ties.  The girl is a confused teen caught in the throes of growing up and accepting herself.


This isn't a superhero story, so much as a story of a girl coming to terms with herself and her culture and her history and learning who she is within those confines as well as without.  This is the story of a teenage girl accepting herself.  This is a coming of age story if I ever did read one, and I cannot fucking wait for the next installment.