Unpopular Opinion Time

Fangirl (B&N Exclusive Collector's Edition) - Rainbow Rowell

I don't get it.  I don't understand why this was such a hit book.  I don't understand why so many fangirls (which I am definitely one of) swoon for this book.  Okay - that's not true, I understand why some fangirls in the right age group swoon for this book.  I definitely went through my very own M/M fanfiction phase when Fellowship of the Ring came out in theaters, but that was Freshman (maybe?) year of high school. And maybe if I had read this book then I would have thought it was the bees knees.


But, adult Aryn sees a very formulaic young adult romance novel. Girl - who is antisocial and unique in some way - has a major change in her life that she does not know if she can handle.  Girl meets boy.  Does he? Doesn't he?  He does!  He doesn't!? He does!?  Toss in another boy just for shits and giggles.  Everything is resolved and what makes her awkward and antisocial now just makes her unique!


Sorry - I don't see it.


Sure, it was entertaining.  And easy to read.  But really, I just don't get it.