Stop being so annoying

Everything Leads to You - Nina LaCour

Oh dear Gods almighty, that main character was obnoxious.


Poor me!  Poor me!  I'm 18, I'm a genius set designer, but no one sees my genius!  Except for everyone on the sets of the major movies I'm working on!  Poor me!  My girlfriend has broken up with me 6 times and I think I might still want her back!  Poor me!  I was able to have someone drop $20,000 on set pieces for a movie and a gift for my brother!  Poor me!  My brother gave me his Venice apartment for the summer and wants me to do something epic, but I can't think of what to do!




Jesus fucking Christ, I hated Emi for the entire Goddamn novel.   She just totally rubbed me the wrong way.


I loved her best friend Charlotte.  Charlotte had a lot handed to her too, but she didn't act as though her entire world was always falling apart in her richer than God lifestyle.  She has a dose of reality in the way she presents herself and at least attempts to call out Emi on her fucking stupidity.


The "mystery" sort of reads like a slightly older Nancy Drew story.  It's fantastical in it's ridiculousness.  Sure this could maybe sort of possibly happen in an alternate dimension.  Not that the solution is impossible, but that they were able to solve the mystery of the letter in as little time as it took.


It was an entertaining read, but it really wasn't any more than that.  So far, from the YA Book Riot Box, I've read 2, and enjoyed one thoroughly, while only finding this one entertainment value.