I'm Officially Whelmed

Wool Omnibus (Silo, #1) (Wool, #1-5) - Hugh Howey

I take it back, when earlier today I said that I was underwhelmed.  The book just starts slow.  Hugh Howey spends a lot of time world building in a way that sort of leaves you scratching your head, wondering why that might have been relevant because it sure as hell doesn't feel that way.  Maybe as a serial I can see the slow start making a lot more sense.  Stories within stories per part to keep the reader interested every time a new one came out, but also leaving the reader satisfied at the end.  I'm sure that kind of writing, especially today in the internet world is incredibly difficult.  We're so much about instant gratification.

/end tangent


So I wasn't underwhelmed, but I wasn't overwhelmed either.  I was whelmed.


My favorite part of the novel actually happened right around the middle when she was

alone in the new silo, and even with Solo.

(show spoiler)

Which I think a lot of people would find boring, but I'm a sucker for loner survival stories.  The ending was a bit of a let down: a little anti-climatic after all we had just been through with Jules and the Silo.  I felt like that should have been more.  It was too wrapped up pretty.  Suddenly it was over.  It just felt too sudden for me.