The Improbable Theory of Ana and Zak - Brian Katcher

I must say, I was impressed at how well the convention was tackled.  I read a lot of young adult with nerdy characters, that this was the first one that I felt that the author actually knew what he was talking about.  It felt like an appropriate level of pop culture reference was thrown into each conversation with Zak.  It wasn't over done or ignored, or super judged.  Of course Ana judges, but the judgment doesn't feel like it comes from the author.  It felt like the author actually appreciates the culture of a convention.  It made me want to go to one again, that's for sure - though a small one.


Anyway, Ana is totally focused on what's next - getting into college and getting out of her parents' house.  Her parents and older sister have completely warped her.  And Zak spends the entire time trying to get through to her.  Though the only reason he's even there is because he was failing health and was required to be an alternate on the quiz team instead of going to Washing-con.  And then Ana's younger brother runs away to check out the con and Ana and Zak team up to find him.


An epic rescue adventure.


At a convention.


And a love story.  But not insta-teen love.