Dreamland - Sarah Dessen This book really only took me three hours to blast through. Now as I'm reading through some other reviews on Goodreads, I'm seeing that this is one of Sarah Dessen's darker books. I'm not sure how I feel about that, as I feel like this reads very similarly to a lot of young adult that I've read in the recent past. I'm not saying it was bad or boring, but I didn't see it as any darker than young adult that I liked a lot more and young adult I liked a lot less.

Caitlin's older sister Cassandra runs away on Caitlin's 16th birthday (what a bitch, right? She couldn't have waited 24 hours?). This throws her life into chaos and Caitlin spends the next months trying to both step into her sisters shoes, comfort her mother, and be nothing at all like Cass. The conflicting ideals of what she wants to do throws her into a world that she never thought she would be a part of.

At times I wanted to shake Caitlin. Why was she staying with Rogerson through all the emotional and physical abuse!? However, this is where I give Dessen a lot of credit, Caitlin reads like a real person in an abusive relationship. Rogerson is spoken of as though he were her meth or cocaine.

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