Gone Girl - Gillian Flynn I'm having a really hard time putting into words what I thought of this book. On one hand it was incredibly easy to read, I've read reviews that said it was slow moving - I disagree - I thought it ebbed and flowed in such a way to make it compulsively readable. On the other hand, however, all the characters were horrible and evil; I read characters more than I read plots and having such horrible characters just made me crazy. Anyway, I'll just start writing and see where it leads.

Amy and Nick have been married for 5 years on the day that Amy goes missing. Their house looks like there has been a struggle: furniture is flipped, their door is left open, etc. One by one, as the clues come out, the investigation closes in on Nick.

Amy had a charmed life growing up, she was the inspiration for the wildly successful series of children's books, written by her parents, called Amazing Amy. Nick and Amy met and lived in NYC, writing for various magazines, until they were both laid off. When Nick's mother was diagnosed with cancer and his father's Alzheimers became much much worse, they move back to Missouri to take care of them.

The problem. The people in the novel are horrible. They're all evil. Even though the books were called Amazing Amy, I was mentally combining Horrible Harry and Alexander and the Terrible Horrible No Good Day to make up
Horrible Harry Doing Awful Things on the Terrible Horrible No Good Day

Nick is terrible, Amy is terrible, the lawyer is terrible, the cops are terrible. I hated them all. I wanted them all to turn up murdered.

And just to make things even worse for me, I didn't have to "figure out" any of the twists of the novel. They were so obvious to me that I just knew them before they happened. All right, there was one or two that I didn't see coming, but in a novel of that many twists and turns, they should have at least made me think, right?

I did enjoy the readability factor, I wanted to see how it would wrap up (though the actual ending made me want to kill things), so I read it quickly. It flowed well, even though it was just unwrapping one terrible thing after another.

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