A Song for Summer - Eva Ibbotson If you ever get a chance to read [b:A Song for Summer|294924|A Song for Summer|Eva Ibbotson|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1311649251s/294924.jpg|1882530], for Godssake run away.

I haven't had such a visceral negative reaction to a heroine since Twilight. I picture her something like this:
"My name is Ellen I was raised by eccentric, rich, and intelligent Aunts in London. They wanted me to go to school for intellectual pursuits, but all I wanted to do was follow Grandpa's housekeeper around! I want to be a housekeeper when I grow up and go work at a school with unruly, Godless children who need to learn to organize their own affairs! I want to bring them God, because I'm simply angelic! Every man falls in love with me, but I friend-zone every single one of them. The war means nothing to me unless it directly affects my love life!"

The love interest, once you get past all the men that fall in love with Ellen who she doesn't love back, is obsessed with finding his one Jewish friend in Germany and getting him over the border to Austria. Ellen is totally unaware of the war until said friend basically falls into her lap!?

And this "real" love interest, he's a lot like Ellen.
"My name is Marek and I was given everything growing up, but I just want to be a Groundskeeper. And of all the ridiculousnesses, I'm super talented at music composition! I don't want this, but I cannot escape it no matter how hard I try! My talent, it's such a burden!"

On top of that, it took the author 62 pages of dancing around the topic to actually say that the setting was the beginning of the second world war. This took me three days to read. This is supposed to be young adult?

The only interesting part of the novel was when Marek was helping people across the border. How much of the novel did that make up? Not enough!

AND THEN. AND THEN. The author made allusions to Jane Eyre and Rebecca. I was devastated. I felt dirty. That such a terrible book could use the same literary device as two of my favorite books? Argh. Just. ARRRRGH.

This is poorly written diluted garbage.