Louder Than Words: A Mother's Journey in Healing Autism - Jenny McCarthy Story of a Mother Dealing with Discovering her Child Has Autism: Two Stars
The first fifty pages were all pre-diagnosis of Jenny McCarthy's child, Evan. It was really focused on the fear and confusion of a parent going through something awful. Evan was having seizures constantly, with no seeming reason. After the diagnosis, it took a bit of a nose dive as the book seemed to be become about what was wrong with Evan and what Jenny was doing about it. There was very little focus on how Evan was actually doing, unless something was wrong. When a child has autism things are not wrong 24/7, especially when it is a fairly "typical" case as Evan's seems to be.

Misinformation: Zero Stars
"Many moms I talk to believe too much of what their pediatrician says and still want to vaccinate."

"By the end of the book, you will see that I should have a doctorate in Google research, what with all the time I spent online trying desperately to understand what was happening to my baby."

I give her props for trying everything under the sun to help her son and I'm thrilled that Evan has learned to cope with his autism, but she has not healed Autism. She has found diets and behavior plans that help him, but it is not gone.

Please, parents of children with autism: listen to your doctors, not to a porn star with a "Google doctorate"! I'd think this would be a no-brainer, but I suppose since she's still famous it must be said.