This is Me

The Deets:

My name is Aryn, and I'm a 26 year old female.


Living Arrangements:

I live with my parents, two younger sisters (Sara and Amy), two dogs (Merlin and Trooper), and 12 chickens (Lucy, Rosie, Pterodactyl, Batman, Luna, Darth, Pumpkin, Blondie, Dusty, Beverly, and Cleo).



I work as a Certified Nurse Aide in a Senior Living Community.  Sometimes it makes me a little a lot crazy, but I love it.


Relationship Status:

My boyfriend and I have been together almost 4 years now.  He's basically my fiance, we're just waiting until we have our shit sort of together to make the plunge.  I just got a car, so we're on the hunt for an apartment in the near future, and then I'm going to get impatient and propose to him.



I love to read (you think?  I'm only part of a site called BookLikes) and watch movies.  Often you can find me sitting in front of my computer doing both at once.  Multi-tasking is a new ballgame in this century.  I am a hobbiest photographer, it really makes me a little saner.  Religion fascinates me; you can occasionally find me at new age consciousness festivals.  I actually finally just signed up for a beginners yoga class, because it felt so damned good at the last festival I attended.  Basically, I'm all over the place and I love it.


Primary Genres:

These are the genres I read/watch most, but there's almost nothing I will not try:

  • Science Fiction
  • Fantasy
  • Contemporary Fiction
  • Romance
  • Young Adult
  • Indie
  • Horror
  • Historical Fiction