My Breakup with Goodreads

I've been hemming and hawing about whether or not I'm going to write this post.  I'm sure that the veteran BookLikers are tired of hearing us Goodreads transplants talk, and I'm a little worried that this may bring down the wrath of that group-that-shall-not-be-named.  But on the other hand, I think that I need to get off my chest why exactly I took the plunge to moving here from GR.  I've actually been staring at this page for a half hour deciding if I were going to hit "Post" or not.


First of all, I'm not deleting my GR account.  I was never a part of the targeted group of reviewers when STGRB made themselves known, though I did follow a lot of those reviewers that were.  I found those reviewers articulate and entertaining.  I've seen wonderful author behavior on GR and I've seen despicable behavior.  I was lucky that my author interactions were very good, but I know that others were less lucky.


The drama at Goodreads made me unhappy, but it's a social media site, and from my experience, all websites where people interact are bound to have drama.


But for Godssake, they were only book reviews!



When I heard about Goodreads deleting reviews and deleting whole shelves from reviewers' accounts (and without notice), I was horrified.  Even though all my reviews and my shelves are intact, how could such a big-name social network make such a horrible blunder!?  


I have recently bought a used car, and discovered I got taken by the sonnofabitch who sold it to me.  I feel very much the same way towards Goodreads as I do towards that sonnofabitch.  What they did wasn't technically illegal, but it was immoral and sketchy.  I trust them as far as I can throw my car.  I never thought I'd be comparing Goodreads to a carsalesman.

Throw Car


When the mass-exodus began, I started poking around on BookLikes because I wanted to keep following some of my favorite reviewers.  The more I poked, the more I liked.


I was never happy with the Goodreads blogging platform, it felt rather clunky to me, and therefore I never used it, though I'd been blogging on Xanga for-fucking-ever.  (side note: can you believe that shit's pay-for now?  No way in hell am I paying for a blogging platform, sorry.)  When I was playing around here, I felt more like I was back and blogging on Xanga, it was far more intuitive for me than I was anticipating.  It felt like coming home.


Adding to the "coming home" feeling, was the receptive hug that we seemed to be getting from the owner of BookLikes.  So, Thank you, Dawid for making us all feel so at home.  Thank you for adding new features as often as you are.  Thank you for adding features that we spoiled GR brats are used to.  Thank you for responding to emails and standing for us all again STGRB.  Just, thank you.


As for you, Goodreads, I think we need to break up.  I'm just happier with BookLikes.



And now that it's been said, BookLikes, I promise to stop talking about my ex.