Doctrs r dum

The Exorcist - William Peter Blatty

But, Aryn!  The book was published in 1971, and was based on a case from the 40s!  Give the doctors a break.


But why?


Because, I see the same attitudes in the way we treat childhood illness today.  Nah, that kid doesn't need therapy, (s)he just needs Ritalin!


Annnnnyway, the book definitely lost points for the doctors' stupidity because it just took me out of the story and into my ranting place.


I wonder if this story had something to do with my mother's aversion to Ouija Boards when I was growing up.  Man the shitstorm that caused, when she found me playing with one of those the first time (and every time after that).


Really a pretty fucking creepy story.  Yes some of it is slow moving, but I was given chills in ways that books haven't accomplished for me in years.  The evil that made itself known through such an innocent child was just truly terrifying.  


The fear that Regan expresses as the possession progresses simply makes it all the scarier -not only does the bed shake, but Regan is terrified of it.  She is truly trapped, her consciousness pushed to the side, her body hijacked.  How scary must it be to watch yourself, from some remote place doing things that hurt and disgust?  That loss of control is one of the scariest aspects of the whole story, for me.