Spiderman, Spiderman, Does Whatever a Spider Does

A Hint of Frost - Hailey Edwards

I'm sorry, I couldn't help it with the title of the review.


Damn it, why is this so hard.  I sat in front of the computer to write this yesterday too.  See how well that turned out?  Yup, nope, still no review.



  • I enjoyed it.
  • I almost quit before it got started with some of the talk that the realm wasn't safe without a male.  But then that stopped.
  • It was sexy.
  • But not overly sexy.
  • It really felt like two people who met, and by circumstance were forced together, and found themselves begudgingly beginning to like each other.
  • I liked the Spidey stuff.
  • I even liked that all the "species" of spider-people had different genetic attributes.


Good, entertaining, popcorn read.  Paranormal Romance still isn't my genre of choice, but maybe I'll be more open to it.  Okay, I give up, that's as good a review as it's getting.  I might revisit this, but I doubt it.


Oh, I almost forgot.  I received this book for free from BookLikes Giveaways.  Yes, people, they're winnable!