What To Read Along With On Such a Full Sea From My ebook Haul?

Lusia's Long Journey Home: A Young Girl's Memoir of Surviving the Holocaust - Lucy Lipiner Lengths - Steph Campbell, Liz Reinhardt The Girl in the Wall - Daphne Benedis-Grab The Lady Astronaut of Mars: A Tor.Com Original - Mary Robinette Kowal Deer in Headlights - Staci Hart

I've read 34 out of 352 pages of On Such A Full Sea

... and it's taken me WAY too many days.


The language is beautiful, but I find myself needing to reread almost every sentence because on the first read I'm missing the point, because the sound of the words is so overwhelmingly perfect, I cannot help but letting it wash over me.


I need to find something easier to read when I need a break from this one, which I find myself needing every hour or so.  My most recent ebook haul is the above. 


I think I'm leaning towards The Girl in the Wall, I've seen some good things about it.  Oh, and my edition of Lengths, has a MUCH more beautiful cover.